Southern California Gold Mines Google Map

Red Tail Trails is starting a collaborative effort to pinpoint all of the gold mines in Southern California in Google Maps. I have started with a few, but I can’t do this alone. If you know of any mines that are not already on the map, feel free to pin it with the name and any information you may have. I cross-reference using Online Maps to make sure the location is accurate. Map is after the jump ->

I’m looking for mines that have: 1.) An open and navigable tunnel/shaft 2.) On public lands 3.) No “excessive” danger or risk.

Thanks for your help!

View and collaborate on Southern California Mines (in progress) in a larger map

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12 Responses to “Southern California Gold Mines Google Map”

  1. Tender B. says:

    These are USGS produced klm files for every county in California:

    The location of the actual mines is usually off by a bit, but it’s close enough.

    • David says:

      This is great! What an amazing resource! Thanks for the tip.

      I’ll revise my call for help. I’m looking for mines that have: 1.) An open and navigable tunnel/shaft 2.) On public lands 3.) Generally, would make a good hike without trespassing.

      I’m seeing a lot of open prospects (without a tunnel), closed mines, and mines that are on private property on these KML files. I want to create a resource that is even easier to use, targeted to hikers, and mobile friendly.

      I will use these KML files to add mines that fit the criteria. Thanks again!

  2. Kip Tarango says:

    Thanks for doing this! I’ve been interested in this for years & always look for mines & caves to check out. If you know of anyone who would like to explore these… please let me know… I’m available almost any day. (Also, I have explored the Bighorn Mine…wow & exciting!) – Kip

    • p smith says:

      I too have visited the Big Horn Mine…twice.
      Both visits were when I was young..I’m looking to hike out towards some of the older spanish mines around santa clarita in the hopes of finding some undiscovered sites that may have been overlooked.
      I plan on staying out for a few days.
      The likeliness of finding an undiscovered mine is probably about none, but there is always the possibility of impossibility.

  3. looking for a place to pan from HEMET,CA. 50 MILES ARROUND THE AREA. Im 57 and Retired and trying to get into this gold thing ;)

    • PLP supporter says:

      Simple panning can be done down in El cajon, near devore. A small sluice box would be ideal due to the water flow there. Easy access right from the road!

      215 s. Exit Cleghorn Rt. Follow old route 66 to Swarthout amd turn right… If you drive over the water, you have just passed the more popular area to do some simple panning.

      Good luck and happy digging!

    • Salvador Sanchez says:

      Hey im from San jacinto my buddy and i want to go panning did you ever find a place thanks

  4. Jason says:

    Anyone interested in searching for old mine sites, medal detecting or panning let me know.

  5. PLP supporter says:

    I got bit about 3 years ago and have had gold fever since.

    Have meet many immersing people with a wealth of information and know how from just field experience. Try joining a local club, their claims are sometimes in your very own backyard.

    Needles to say, the outings are fun and the atmosphere is always upbeat. The stories about how they found their largest nuggets and or how much they collected is always great around the campfire on overnight outings. Just makes you want to keep digging for that elusive nugget you want place on your mantle and tell your grandchildren about,lol.

    Good luck and happy digging!

    Also a note of caution, make sure you are not alone out there due to critters and varmints. Both 2 and the 4 legged kind.

  6. James says:

    I have an old Angeles Forest gold mine, but it is no longer open. I may be able to dig into it someday.

  7. allen says:

    I’m ready to search for gold also In San Diego . Email me Allen6192009gmail

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